Choice and Medication

How to use the website

The Choice and Medication© website is aimed at helping you make an informed decision about your treatment, with help and advice on mental health conditions and the medication used to treat them. Nearly all the information you want and need is available on the site.


The website has two main strands:

Medicines: at least 30 questions and answers on over 150 medicines used in mental health

Conditions: at least 14 questions and answers on 22 mental health conditions

To find what you want use the drop down menus and click on:

  • Conditions – scroll down to the condition you want to look at
  • Medications – scroll down to the medicine you want to look at

If you can’t find what you’re looking for use the search box and enter the term you want to search for


Use the search box (where it says “Enter keywords”) and type in:

  • A medicine name e.g. fluoxetine, Prozac, diazepam, etc.
  • A condition or symptom e.g. depression, anxiety, sleep, etc.
  • A “key word” e.g. driving, side effects, etc.

Then click the search button and choose from the list which appears