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Welcome to Choice and Medication for          Eastern Health

Eastern Health is committed to partnering with patients in decisions about medications and ensuring that patients, their carers and families have access to reliable and easy to understand information. We encourage active involvement of patients in their own care, and advocate shared decision-making.

The information contained on the Choice and Medication© website should be viewed as a tool to support staff, patients and carers in achieving safe and effective medicines management. Accurate and independent information about medicines helps facilitate discussion around treatment.

The resources do not replace approved consumer medicines information leaflets, but can be used in conjunction with these to promote high quality patient care. It is recommended that resources be downloaded each time of need (rather than printing or storing offline), to ensure the most current information is accessed.


Pharmacy Contact Details:

Chief Pharmacist:  Carolyne Wong 

Pharmacy Location: Maroondah Hospital 

Dispensary Site: 1/15 Davey Drive, Ringwood East, VIC 3135 

Email: Carolyne.wong@easternhealth.org.au

General Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday – 8.30am to 5pm 

Staff across Eastern Health have access to on call pharmacy services outside of these hours