Health and Social Care, Northern Ireland

Welcome to Health and Social Care, Northern Ireland

Pharmacy Services in Northern Ireland both from primary care and in-hospital trusts exist to support staff, service users and carers in achieving safe and effective medicines management, optimising the use of medicines by providing a high quality and friendly service.

All Trusts have specialist mental health pharmacists who work in the inpatient setting and as part of the home treatment teams, who recognise that medication can help people to lead full and meaningful lives as defined by themselves. Choice and medication helps to educate people to become empowered to make informed choices and take personal ownership of their medication so they can speak up about what helps or what side effects are troubling them. Medication can be an important element of a person’s recovery journey and through partnership working with the specialist mental health pharmacists can offer people a high-quality, safe, effective outcome.

If you have any questions or would like any advice about your medicines please ask your local community pharmacist or GP practice.