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The intent of this webpage is to provide appropriate information in relation to psychotropic medications to consumers and/or carers receiving health care from Queensland Health. Psychotropic medications refer to medications associated with the treatment of mental health problems.

Queensland Health supports the principles of recovery, consumer autonomy and responsibility. Consumers need to have easily accessible and understandable information to be able to make informed choices and decisions about their health care in collaboration with their health care provider.

To be able to use medications effectively and safely consumers need to know how to take medications correctly, what effects to expect, when to expect the results, how to monitor the effects, what to do if the treatment does not work as expected and what to do if an adverse drug reaction is experienced.

To support consumers of Queensland Health mental health services the Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch has made available psychotropic medication information leaflets about medication treatment options, benefits and associated risks. The information is available in the following formats:

Psychotropic Medication Leaflets:

  • The ‘PILL’ (Patient Information Leaflet) – this is the standard leaflet.
  • The ‘BILL’ (Basic Information Leaflet) – a shorter, one page, version of the PILL with slightly larger print.
  • The ‘QuILL’ (Quick Information Leaflet) – contains images to highlight the important components within the leaflets, especially handy for those who may have difficulty with literacy.

Handy Charts:
These are available for most conditions and cross-reference medications with the side-effects that may be experienced. The Handy Charts also detail:

  • How the medications work
  • How long they take to work
  • The usual doses, and
  • How long the medications should be taken for

Handy Guides and Fact Sheets:
These provide information and advice about a variety of topics as such weight gain, metabolic changes, the effects of smoking and purchasing medicine over the internet.

Key Links:

This initiative is supported by the Queensland Psychotropic Medication Advisory Committee and the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist, Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch, Clinical Excellence Division, Queensland Department of Health.

Providing consumer specific information about medication and treatment options is identified within the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards 2011 and the National Standards for Mental Health Services 2010.

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