Statewide Mental Health Service

Welcome to the Choice and Medication website for Statewide Mental Health Services

Statewide Mental Health Services (SMHS) is committed to providing high-quality care, support, and treatment for our consumers. An important part of this commitment is providing access to reliable and easy-to-find medicines information.

Choice and Medication contains resources and information about a range of medicines used in the treatment of mental illness, including in a variety of formats and languages. All SMHS Consumers and Families and Friends are licensed to use Choice and Medication, as well as SMHS Staff.

Choice and Medication does not replace approved consumer medicines leaflets or information provided by doctors. Rather, it is an additional resource to promote high-quality care and discussion between consumers and their families and friends, doctors, and other clinicians about medication treatment and options.

Please download resources and information each time you need them, rather than printing or storing, to ensure you are accessing the most current information.