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The choice and medication information resource contains details about conditions and medications used in mental health settings. It has been developed to be accessible by patients as well as healthcare professionals, helping to satisfy the Care Quality Commission requirements for patient involvement in treatment choice.

Content within choice and medication is of a high quality that:

  • Is easy to understand
  • Answers 30 of the most commonly asked questions about 160 psychotropic drugs
  • Answers 14 of the most commonly asked questions about 22 mental health conditions

Information leaflets on treatments and conditions can be printed for future reference. All content is quality assured, written by clinical experts and based on published data you can trust, which includes:

Medication can be taken for a short length of time but it can also be a lifelong experience for many people. With this in mind, the choice of medication for people takes on even greater importance. When asked to indicate their top three priorities for improving services over half of the people who use mental health services included medicines with fewer adverse effects. More than a third said this was their top priority in a survey carried out by Rethink, the leading national mental health membership charity.

Why is Ashtons making choice and medication available?

The availability of high-quality, up-to-date information is crucial for providing high-quality care in a mental health setting. The choice and medication information resource provides a free, easy-to-use method of accessing details of all the most common treatments and conditions, as well as many that are less common.

By making this information freely available we hope this will help to further enhance the quality of care in the hospitals that we service, as well as being a useful tool for patients and healthcare professionals in other care settings.

Ashtons is a highly respected and successful provider of specialist pharmacy services to independent hospitals in the UK and provides this web-based resource as part of our portfolio of products and services.

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