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Medicines Optimisation Team:

What do we do?
We work together to enable people to use medicines safely and effectively.

How do we do it?
We support prescribers, health care professionals and people who use our services and their carers.
We provide Medicines Optimisation education and training.
We provide advice and guidance on practice standards.
We promote a wider understanding of and support the implementation of national guidance into local practice, including the Discharge Medication Service.
We work with partners to develop and agree on best practice prescribing guidelines.
We produce a comprehensive range of medicine-related policies and procedures.
Medicines in Mental Health | DPT
We provide external assurance to our partners around medicines governance.
We provide prescribing and financial information.
We spread best practice by incorporating the learning from audits and incidents into all of the work we do.
We work with our partners to set up and monitor reliable systems to ensure the efficient and timely supply of medicines.
We offer a Medicine Information helpline: 01392 674900
The medicines information helpline is available Monday to Friday – 10am to 4pm (excluding Bank Holidays).
This number is available if you would like to speak to a mental health pharmacist about your medication options or would like further information about side effects.

Discharge Medication Service:
As a Team that puts safety at the heart of everything we do, we can fully realise the benefits of the Medication Discharge Service. As a Team, we will be looking to phase referrals to this service. We have started with referring people prescribed lithium due to additional monitoring requirements. The next phase we are currently starting to refer is for people who may find it hard to adhere to their prescribed regime either through direct, or unintentional non-compliance. An overview of our inpatient wards can be found on the Trusts website, as well as a whole host of resources, and information on the Trusts services.

Welcome to DPT | DPT

For any further information or communication required about a specific referral, please use the contact details included with the referral.
For any other medicine optimisation related queries, our general contact details are included below.

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