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The Choice and Medication website offers patient information about mental health conditions and the treatments available to help make informed decisions about choosing the right medicine. Choice and Medication is commercially available on subscription to healthcare organisations for licensed access by staff and service users.

A personal subscription to the website can be used on your own, together with your family or someone you care for. Available online, 24/7 and provides confidential expert advice when you need it, even while you talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

Conditions covered include Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol disorders, ADHD and many more!!!

Why use Choice and Medication

  • Produced and maintained by national experts
  • Answers to the most commonly asked questions about mental health medicines and conditions
  • User-friendly printable leaflets to help you understand your treatment options
  • Compares side effects for all mental health medication available
  • Avatars available to speak your medicine information to you
  • Medicine leaflets available in a variety of popular languages

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Provides organisations with their own branded credible patient information and resources via a unique organisational website portal allowing licenced online access by all healthcare staff and service users from any device.

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“Just wanted to say thank you for this excellent resource - you've answered my questions so well. ”

Diane, July 2021

“Your excellent website provided me with some good information about Seroxat, and very helpfully some tips on how to come off it. Something I’m finding dire to do! So you have produced most useful, clear information. Even better I could print it out and have a real copy to refer to. The Olanzapine information, and how to get a good session with a GP are also very useful. The website is now in my “reading list” bit on the left side of my screen so I can get back to it easily again. So thank you for all your help, and for that excellent website.”

Lesley, February 2018

“This is an excellent website the only small area I would recommend looking at is additional images.”

Beth, July 2021

“I have been enjoying reading the site you manage for ‘Choice and Medication’ West London Mental Health Team. Being a mature student doing a PgDip Mental Health Nursing course I am seeking to learn and understand the complex world of mental health. I have found your views on many subjects very interesting. Keep up the good work!”

Steve, April 2014

“I’ve been suffering from an eating disorder since I was about 8 and in recent years very severe/acute anxiety. I came across this site when trying to learn more about Benzos since I’m being put on a 2 week trial of regular diazepam. I then read more into your site and honestly think it’s one of the best ones out there. The info about EDs isn’t belittling or complete rubbish like so many other sites. I love the layout of the sections about medication and it genuinely answered all of my questions. You should be really proud of yourselves.”

Chloe, August 2012

“This is a fantastic resource for staff to utilise with their patients. I have found the leaflets very user friendly and useful to give to patients. Thank you!”

Pheobe, May 2018

“I work as a Learning disability psychiatrist and am always looking for clear factsheets and accessible information for patients and their carers particularly in relation to specific treatments. This is an excellent resource - I have found the information here particularly useful for patients with borderline learning disabilities when the easy read information would be too simple and they would find it patronising. These are ideal. Keep up the good work !!!”

Andrea, July 2021

“Thank you for your very helpful website, especially the fact sheet / decision making guide to coming off medication.”

Sarah, February 2016

“Finally some clear and sensible advice. Such a huge reassurance. Thank you.”

Bill, April 2012

“I heard about your site at an online conference on medication safety, it is very interesting and I have learned a lot.”

Emily, July 2021

“This is a great website!”

Mirjam, February 2014

“Usually material for patients/general public is patronising and dumbed-down to the point where I resort to material for professionals – this site is a refreshing change. Also appreciated the info about where the information comes from and how you are funded. Thank you for all your hard work with this site – it is fantastic.”

Kate, February 2017

“I was recently running a training session for medical secretaries at our hospital and as part of this session I directed the staff to the choice and medication website. They all found the website to be extremely informative and very interested. Thank you!”

Deborah, March 2014

“You should know that what you do makes a difference and really helps people.”

Stewart, August 2018

“I just read the agomelatine page and I was really impressed and will use your website in the future, when usually I just go by the top few Google results. Thank you for your clear and concise explanations. If there is an individual author, please send my compliments. In particular, I commend your approach to illicit drug information – honest and realistic with a bit of warnings snuck in. Perfect!”

Rosie, January 2013

“Thank you so much for the wonderful information on your site. I’ve experienced depression as have others around me. I have researched mental health for years and have to say, I came across your link by accident and am so glad I did. Keep up the great work!”

Carolyn, July 2021

“I just used the updated C&M leaflet on antidepressants in pregnancy for the first time and it is tremendously helpful! Here in Ireland we have less access to NHS resources such as UKMi and Bumps so this is a fantastic resource for healthcare professionals and patients. Thank you!”

Ciara, July 2018

“I think the website is excellent! Really good job, well done. Brilliant for students too!”

Charles, July 2021

“I just wanted to express my thanks for the information you have available on Quetiapine. I have found it very difficult to find information on the drugs interaction with pregnancy and breast feeding due to the lack of human trials. This is the first information that I have found that is honest but still provides me with hope that being on my medication is an option. It has been well written and has provided me with a resource which I can take to discuss with my consultant.”

Nicola, December 2012

“Choice and medication is a very impressive website - thank you!”

Andy, July 2021

“You know your website and information on medication is really good.”

Jason, January 2017

“Brilliant site. Extremely helpful and informative and not patronizing at all. ”

Rob, July 2021

“I use the leaflet a lot and it has helped me increase my knowledge and improved my patient friendly language.”

Nazia, April 2022

“I have just read most of your excellent article on schizoaffective disorder here at my home. My daughter is a patient in care and I found the article very good reading!”

Phillip, July 2021

“I qualify as a registered mental health nurse next year I am always looking to broaden and expand my knowledge, with the help of C&M I have managed to do just this, Thank you!”

Derrick, April 2022

“Realistic, pragmatic, detailed, reflects anecdotal reports not just the pharma labels.”

Sasha, April 2016

“These leaflets are great! ”

Georgina Chan, April 2022

“Just a fan letter, a local psychiatrist gave us the name of your site and we have found it extremely useful and informative this week in connection with new medication for a family member – and also I really like the approachable/informal tone of the narrative entries and answers to questions.”

Kate, February 2017

“I really value the information leaflet resources. ”

Cal , April 2022

“I am a carer and love the website, it is easily accessible and provides very good information.”

Marie, July 2021

“Currently in living in Japan with depression/anxiety problems and am thinking of going onto antidepressants. A doctor friend of mine recommended your site as a well-written and informative site – and it is! Thanks!”

John, April 2012

“I have found your website very helpful and would like to thank you for it.”

Anne, November 2013

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