Cloz e-learn - Training Modules

Posted on 23rd January 2019 by Lisa Yates

Back by popular demand!

We have recently decided to revisit the Cloz e-learn training modules we previously provided to update repackage and relaunch the product for all our clients, users and subscribers.

The re-launch date has not been released yet however should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me direct via:

Merry Christmas from Mistura!

Posted on 18th December 2018 by Lisa Yates

Personal Subscription Available for Only £1

Posted on 7th November 2018 by Lisa Yates

With mental health problems once again dominating the news and affecting 1 in every 3 people why not try our fantastic Choice and Medication personal subscription?

Featuring easy to read assorted handy information for all 21 mental health conditions and the 169 drugs used to treat them!

Sign up now and gain instant access for just £1...

World Mental Health Day

Posted on 10th October 2018 by Lisa Yates

Today, Wednesday the 10th October 2018 is World Mental Health Day!

Are you struggling with your mental health? If so then why not seek all the advise and information you need on your condition or prescribed drugs here:

Choice and Medication – Personal Subscription Remember, it will only cost you the price of a coffee – £4.95 for a whole year!

MaPPs Easy Reads – Ready to go…Well Almost!

Posted on 31st July 2018 by Lisa Yates

Mistura Informatics Ltd are pleased to announce that the programming for the MaPPs newest addition the ‘Easy Read’ leaflets is now up and running!

Hence the picture: “It’s working, it’s working!” Currently there are a number of NHS trusts across the UK who are kindly testing the system for us in order to fine tune the engine, which includes all the information content and wording used.

We will be validating all the relevant images and pictures to use throughout the system with various key patient groups, including those with learning difficulties, the aging population and children.

Watch this space for a live launch date of the MaPPs Easy Read Leaflets…

Contact Mistura Informatics direct to find out more about the MaPPs Easy Read Leaflets:

Find a sample Easy Read Leaflet below: