Mental health: Bedford petrolheads 'we've been through it'

Posted on 8th February 2022 by Dan Price

A group of car enthusiasts have created their own online series to help open up conversations around mental health.

The Petrolheadonism series aims to discuss depression, stress, racial discrimination and bullying, something they have all experienced.

Josh Scoot, 20, from Bedford, whose idea it was, said he was bullied at school for creating his own brand, Scootsupercars, aged 13.

"We're creating this because of what we've been through," he said.

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Roman Kemp calls for mental health to be discussed more in schools.

Posted on 31st January 2022 by Dan Price

Roman Kemp says his mental health struggles make him feel as if he's battling Mike Tyson 'in a boxing ring and not had one boxing lesson'.

The radio host, 28, appeared on Steph's Packed Lunch on Channel 4 on Wednesday to discuss the importance of talking about mental health in schools at an early age after experiencing his own difficulties and after losing his producer friend Joe Lyons to suicide in August 2020. 

On his personal experiences, Roman explained: 'I’ve had a lot of troubles of my own, I’ve dealt with suicidal thoughts, I’ve been on anti-depressants for 15 years of my life.

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Alternative therapies for mental health problems.

Posted on 25th January 2022 by Dan Price

Complementary therapies such as yoga, dietary supplements, and animal therapy may help individuals cope with the symptoms of certain mental health disorders and improve their quality of life.

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Clear Your Head urges people to take care of their mental health during COVID

Posted on 17th January 2022 by Dan Price

THE Covid-19 pandemic is still having a major impact on people's mental health - nearly two years after the first lockdown.

While there is hope with the easing of restrictions again in the coming weeks, many are still feeling anxious and struggling to cope.

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C&M Professional Subscription Available

Posted on 9th November 2021 by Lisa Yates

Did you know you can now get your own subscription to candm as a registered professional?

Please contact us direct for more details or download the form below :)

Vacancy Opening for Mental Health Author

Posted on 13th October 2021 by Zac Mavin

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